What do we do when we can’t control our thoughts?

Practicing fundamental meditation sometimes happens…

to “haunt” us thoughts that, apparently, we also do not want to manifest obsessively and excruciatingly. Or not excruciating. It may even like us, but it diverts us from our goal or from the direction in which we, in fact, want to think.
Other times we want to meditate. We sit with our eyes closed and notice a veritable “scrolling” of thoughts that we have not “called” and that seem to have their own power of control.

One problem is that a thought, when it reaches the field of our consciousness, does not warn us that it is “approaching”. It does not appear first on the quarter, half, etc. He appears all at once, so we can’t get on guard to react. That’s why it seems hard to control.

But it’s actually not like that, the control is with us, but we need to find out or learn that.

We have three possible solutions:

  • Let’s rise, through a yogic process, above the
    having sovereignty over them. We know in this way the state of mental void Shunyata – fundamental meditation.
  • “Let’s tie the mind to the ‘hair’ by choosing a certain thought on which we decide to focus.
    Thus, no other thought can penetrate into the arena of our mind – meditation with object. Our power to choose a thought is sovereign, everyone has it. It remains, however, that the effort to maintain that single thought continually in consciousness through
    concentration is successful.
  • Let’s settle in the turya transcendent nondual state and think then having it in the background.
    This is a secret process of spirituality in the midst of life. He allows us to think without losing touch with transcendence for a moment. It is the superior perspective, wise and in Abheda Yoga is called
    Adi Mudra

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