Tripura Sundari and the Full Moon

Tripura Sundari and the Full Moon


The day of Tripura Sundari is celebrated monthly, two days before the astrological phenomenon of the Full Moon.
It is a particularly special day, when the influence of this energy is extremely beneficial on our planet.

The day of Tripura Sundari is a privileged day, being called the day of beauty and universal harmony

It is the moment when the sense of measure and harmony is easily accessible to every human being.

*Tripura Sundari symbolizes the Great Divisive Power of divine beauty, harmony and love.

It is the day when we can temper our selfish urges and ambitions by becoming aware of our true aspirations.

It is a day worth dedicating to love, art, beauty, actions full of dedication.
For those who are in a couple relationship it is a privileged moment in which they can carry out the secret maithunaprocess .

In the light of the observations made over time, it has been noted that on this day it is very effective to get involved in large-scale actions that are in harmony with our spiritual aspirations.
We can also remedy many problems in relational terms, due to the fact that the beneficial energies support us harmoniously.
We can manifest our creativity, artistic inspiration, it is favorable to express feelings and feelings, being able even to evoke the magical moment of the beginning of an affective relationship, leaving us inspired by the call of the heart.
If we have intuitions, it is good to follow them and try to overcome mental pragmatism, which can often be an important hindrance in the siritual harmonization of a couple relationship.
It is also a day indicated for amorous fusion practiced with continence.


The influence of the Moon is manifested primarily on the liquids in the body, respectively on the psyche.
Precisely because of this, the lunar symbolism is connected with the subconscious, with water, with sensitivity, receptivity, adaptability, instinct.

During the Full Moon period most people tend towards instinctual behavior.

This drastically affects decision-making power, discernment.
It is also one of the reasons why it is not recommended to make decisions on the Full Moon.
They can be either hasty, or are the result of the influence of the environment and of the different people with whom we interfere;
they can also be the result of the latest events that impressed us (and are still on the “surface” in our subconscious).


This period of influence represents the tolerance of ± 8 degrees of the aspect of opposition between the Sun and the Moon.

What is good to avoid during this period:

It is unwise to make love during the period of the harmful influence of the Full Moon!

During the amorous act, due to the deep auric fusion and dilation between the two lovers, there is a very great possibility to take, unconsciously, the negative vibrations existing in the environment.

It has been found that those couples who do NOT comply with this ban, are more often faced with awkward problems and tensions, which often have no motivation. They exacerbate the manifestation of jealousies, possessive tendencies, pretensions and sometimes states of verbal, mental or even physical violence.

Surgical operations are not indicated during this period, as there is an increased risk of hemorrhage!

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