Manipura Chakra – solar plexus – the center of will and courage

Chakra is a concept in yogic spirituality,

representing energy centers or vortices of energy that are located in the human body.

There are seven main chakras in total,

and Manipura is the third from bottom to top, localized in the region of the upper abdomen.

Manipura is the seat of will and expansion,

Control the power of dominance over instincts and the outside.

The word “Manipura” comes from Sanskrit

And it can be roughly translated as “Diamond Fortress” or “Diamond Brilliance.”

It is a lotus with 10 petals, located above the navel,

projecting into the invisible body in the solar plexus area.

The development of the Manipura chakra can have wonderful effects on the individual,

both mentally, emotionally,

as well as physically, and they all have to do with invisible, subtle “fire.”

The proper sense organs are the eyes and the corresponding sense is sight.

It controls digestive function and liver, vision.

Specific color: red, being related to the subtle element of fire

The amplification of Manipura and, therefore, of the subtle fire within us generates:

– a very good and constant state of health, strengthening the immune system

– a personal brilliance, both mental and physical

– increasing the ability to manifest the state of humor and a natural, exuberant cheerfulness, achieved effortlessly

– special courage, spontaneous, effortlessly achieved

– good results in sports, great physical endurance, always keeping in a good physical and mental shape

– amplification and harmonization of metabolism

– better physical body shape and weight harmonization, abdominal harmonization

– increasing self-confidence, willpower, courage and joy of living

– ability to rise above the level of “mass” consciousness

– Dynamism and achieving power

– spontaneous respect from others

– special personal charm

– increasing ability to alchemize bad moods and control them

– impact in society.


These effects can vary depending on the person and their general state of energy balance.


One of the main characteristics of the Manipura chakra is self-confidence. Once this chakra is activated and balanced, the individual can experience a significant increase in confidence in their own capabilities and choices.

Willpower and determination

Manipura is associated with willpower and determination.

Once this chakra is developed, the individual can feel an increase in the ability to set goals and pursue their goals with determination and perseverance.


The Manipura chakra is related to self-control and the ability to manage emotions and impulses.

The development of this chakra can lead to a greater capacity for self-control and more effective management of emotional reactions.

Energy and vitality

Manipura is also associated with energy and vitality. By activating this chakra, the individual can experience an increase in energy levels and a greater ability to cope with daily challenges.

Assimilation and digestion

This chakra is also related to the process of assimilation and digestion of food. Once Manipura is balanced and activated, digestion can become better, and the individual can feel greater ease in assimilating not only food but also experiences and information from his life.

Authenticity and autonomy

Manipura is related to authentic self-expression and the development of personal autonomy. Once this chakra is activated, the individual can feel more self-confidence to express their true identity and follow their own path in life.


In this chakra can lead to various problems,

such as lack of self-confidence, weak willpower, feelings of insecurity or excessive control.

Specific responses to imbalances:

struggle for personal power,

recognition of any personal rights

even at the expense of other people.

Yoga practices, meditation, mindful breathing and other spiritual techniques are often used to balance and activate the Manipura chakra.

Abheda Yoga recommendation for the dynamization of the center:

NABHIASANA – navel posture

Nabhiasana helps us to amplify in ourselves the will and the ability to act, intensely dynamiting the Manipura Chakra (the center of courage).

Due to this dynamization, after practicing the asana we will also be able to sense a capacity to control the creative energies.

*HERE – About Manipura and Love


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution


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