Manipura Chakra – solar plexus – the center of will and courage

Manipura Chakra – the center of will and courage

In the subtle structure of the human being there are 7 energetic zones, 7 complex fundamental systems that include all possible human experiences. These subtle organs are known as chakras ( centers of force or foci of power).
7 chakras or main centers of force are described.

Manipura, the seat of the will…

and expansion. At the level of the third energy focus of force, manipura controls the power of domination over instincts and the outside.

Manipura –
a lotus with 10 petals, having the following characteristics:

Location: above the navel, projecting in a subtle plane in the area of the solar plexus.

Specific states:

  • increased will
  • dynamism, capacity for action
  • solarity, expansion
  • digestive fire
  • harmonious abdomen
  • self-mastery (self-control)
  • courage
  • Individuality
  • increased immunity

The specific harmonious behavior at manipura’s level is to alchemically transform the subtle energy that manifests there in order to experience a harmonious state of energization of the being.
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Specific reactions in the case of imbalances: the struggle for personal power

; the recognition of possible personal rights even at the expense of other people.

Sense organ:
the eyes

Organs of controlled action and functions: digestive function and liver, vision.

Specific color:
red, being connected with the subtle element fire

Abheda Yoga recommendation for the dynamization of the center:

NABHIASANA – navel posture

Nabhiasana helps us to amplify in ourselves the will and the ability to act, intensely dynamiting the Manipura Chakra (the center of courage).

Due to this dynamization, after practicing the asana we will also be able to sense a capacity to control the creative energies.


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution


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