What is useful, from a practical point of view, is the theoretical study of the 36 tattve useful for?

What is useful, from a practical point of view, the study of the 36 tattve?

1) To relate effectively to the Identification with the Self, individual or universal, the Source, the Observer, the Utterance, the Thinker.

2) To understand our existence and that of the Universe, the meaning of existence, to transcend our fear and gain true courage and true freedom, to know the detachment from that which is fleeting and the love of that which is inexcusable and eternal.

3) To practically recognize the various stages in meditation and, especially, the stages in the spiritual (infinite) field when we could easily fool ourselves that we have reached the end when we, in fact, have not yet reached and therefore, to know how the “end” manifests in our being and to achieve it.

4) To recognize in our lives, in immanence, in the finite field, the projection of pure tatvs, as purusha- prakriti are the projection into the finite of the shiva-shakti couple, for example.

5) To have a mental model that mourns the spiritual path and that constitutes a precious landmark for those who aspire to spirituality truly.

6) To the creation of effective and adequate artificial intelligence programs, taking inspiration from how the inner universe of man is built, which could then be used as exceptional tools to achieve the universal good, in one form or another.

Leo Radutz

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