The soul exists – even from a scientific point of view

According to the “scientific” methods that are based on inference, induction and verification of any truths through experiments that can be observed by any observers, the results of the observations remaining identical for most observers… well, we should be glad because, indeed, the soul exists and can scientifically prove this.

Basically, there are many clinical deaths in hospitals around the world that have eventually proven to be “reversible”, because the one declared deceased “has returned”.

Well, the fact that he’s back is amazing, but not decisive, but we have to mention a number of really essential aspects.

The one who “came back” describes in great detail facts that happened in tens of minutes or even more when he stopped breathing, no longer beating his heart and no longer had neural activity visible on the electroencephalogram.

But the “apparently deceased” describes how he remembered who he is and where he is, what the doctors were doing in those tens of minutes, describes the whole discussion in the operating room, proving that although he did not breathe, did not beat his heart and did not have neural actitivates, he could be aware, he could memorize, he could make associations, he could hear or feel a series of aspects using instruments that are not of the physical body. because it is obvious that they did not work.

Therefore, it is thus obvious that the seat of consciousness is not in the brain or in any other part of the physical body.
So if our physical body dies, we still exist (but without a physical body) , because the structure called “ourselves” is not in the body (the body can even be destroyed causing us to be destroyed).

This is a fundamental truth, known long ago by the great yogis and by the people realized from any spiritual path, be it Christian or of another nature.

It was only necessary for it to be demonstrated by “official” science, but this does not happen officially, although the number of cases like the one described is so high that it seems that almost any retired surgeon can describe at least one.
But we don’t need so many cases to accept a scientific truth. It is enough to be one, two or three obvious cases for the demonstration and to be clear.

However, science is silent, hiding such dangerous truths for the outdated ideologues of dialectical materialism.
And the harm it does.
Because information about the existence of another reality, more subtle than physical reality, as well as information about the fact that we are quasi-immortal, because the seat of consciousness is not in the physical body and that it cannot be affected by the destruction of the physical body are aspects of great overwhelming importance for mankind.

Knowing that you can’t die, then it becomes very important NOT so much that you live in a physical body as the way you live in that physical body.
The existence of the Law of action and reaction in the entire universe is important because it shows that you cannot escape by your own will from the effects of your own actions and what you have done you will receive back with the same measure.

Such a universal law, so perfect and so right, will make people understand that it is necessary and natural to do good, to seek and be kind and loving, because otherwise all this will be achieved without them wanting to, but in time and with a lot of pain for them.

This is the reason why the Dacians considered themselves immortal – not because the physical body could not be destroyed, but because although their physical body could be destroyed, they themselves did not die.

The result of this was a special seriousness for what they were doing and thus they became “the bravest and fairest of the Thracians”.

In fact, it is up to us to be “brave and just” because, here, the information was given to us and, therefore, now we know.

And let’s not forget that ” the fool is not the one who does not know but the one who, knowing, behaves as if he does not know“.

We wish you success and to become (if possible even in a flash) wise,

for it is far more important how we live than the fact that we live!

Leo Radutz
05.12.2011, Buc

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