What to do to avoid drowsiness when doing meditation?

In fact, what can we do to avoid sleepiness at any time?

It’s like the problem of prâslea the Mighty in “The Mighty Prâslea and the Golden Apples”.
How to make it stay awake when the sleepy field of the entity that steals the golden apples manifests itself?

This is a spiritual aptitude and is related to the state of inner awakening.

There are, in our opinion, 3+1 reasons for the state of drowsiness.

1.) Lack of vitality
It’s true, in the absence of vitality , “we go out like a candle” and we either sleep or even faint.
It manifests itself relatively suddenly and seems irresistible if we do not act in any way to improve the situation.

2) Accentuating the descending energy current on the spine.

3) The decrease in the intensity of the state of consciousness is an aspect of consciousness, a reference to the waking state that is actually related to spiritual awakening. People who have a better spiritual awakening also have the ability to better withstand drowsiness because this is an uncontrolled and unconscious slip into the astral trance and this can only be countered by
– the ability to maintain the state of consciousness
– the ability to maintain us at the moment,
– in the ‘state of being’,
– presence status
– or manifest Sadbhava Mudra.

4) The third reason is special because it is not a state of drowsiness, although it resembles this viewed from the outside.
There is a possibility that in meditation, either because of body fatigue or because of an inner “wind” towards a deep state, a detachment from the visible body will occur and it will generate the impression of the viewer that the meditator has fallen asleep. This is the cause for many discussions or accusations against people who meditate, are aware but their body has fallen or has a position from which one can conclude that he is sleeping.

What can be done to counteract drowsiness?

– if it is due to lack of vitality can be made asane and pranayama on muladhara, lifting Kundalini energy, specific contractions starting with Aswini Mudra

Kechari Mudra

sexual energy can, in this situation, be an aid and it can be transformed into refined forms of energy that are no longer related to sexuality, with the help of specific exercises

Reverse posts can help a lot

the trained ability to perform meditation under any conditions “fortify” the inner power to maintain consciousness and control of everything, including the control of the material body

consumption of (legal) plants with psycho-energizing effect such as, in particular, green tea and possibly guarana

maintaining a normal level of blood sugar in the body is important (but it should not be a pretext to consume large amounts of sweets just so as not to fall asleep in meditation)

massage with volatile oils, cold water on the face, airing the room to decrease the level of carbon dioxide that generates drowsiness

maintaining a lower temperature in the room is a slightly unsafe and uncomfortable process but ultimately has the expected effect – decrease in the possibility of showing drowsiness

making methods of meditation with open eyes: treatka with yantre or mandale or other forms of treatka, nada yoga- meditation on music, meditation in action

cultivating a diet of food with an emissive or yang effect, the Danyacharin-Oshawa diet, foods that can amplify the control power.


Leo Radutz

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