Why yoga?

Why yoga?

allows a much increased efficiency on any other spiritual endeavor, including Christian meditation of the heart or even in any authentic religious reporting;
But yoga must be viewed with wisdom and lack of fanaticism

It is among the very few practices through which we can amplify ourselves in new good qualities (vitality, personal charm, willpower, power to love and offer love, purity and intuition, intelligence, memory and spirituality).
These selves normally could not have been lived if we were living our lives as it is usually done;

we can reduce the presence of attributes considered to be defective, the control of hubris, the elevation of the ego and its transcendence;
developing an intense state of genuine humility and humility;

exceptional regeneration, revitalization and health – many diseases can be relieved or cured by eliminating the inner causes that have generated various diseases;

increased ability to “always be ourselves”, the awakening of the soul and the identification with the Self

exceptional improvement of the way we are perceived by others and gaining a state characterized by personal charm, relational wisdom and detachment;

a better social insertion due to the amplification of the necessary qualities in all areas of life on Earth, in any kind of profession or occupation;

greatly increased ability to practice any kind of sports, scientific, artistic, spiritual and religious discipline;

– the spontaneous ability to strongly manifest special moral and ethical qualities; the development of human virtues;

beautiful and wise relationships with people of the opposite sex;

amplification of the power to love, intelligence, memory and acquiring the state of wisdom; inspiration, creativity, aggrandizement and mental penetrating power;

– paranormal powers that must be received with caution because they can be a reason for spiritual fall, due to the possible amplification of the ego;

… and one more thing:
– yoga allows the study and understanding of the biofields of the human being and of the subtle channels that make up the subtle energetic structure;
– allows to understand the causes of diseases, prevent and even cure them;
– psychism and mental processes get a coherent basis to be understood and controlled (in fact – self-controlled);
– the sexual aspects of man can be understood and controlled
– allows this side of man’s (sexual) life to be harmonious and subject to perfect self-control.

Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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