Abheda compass. “That’s enough”

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Abheda compass. “That’s enough”

How to deal with when faced with the unknown and the “what is hard”?

Something seemingly small and simple is enough to succeed in something no matter how “big”.

The man who turns to the ego thinks he “knows.”
  • It is full of “safe things” because he looks into his limited “mug” (what he has been able to know, understand and accumulate until now)
  • He ignores the existence of the “ocean of knowledge” because this annoys him – it makes him feel small so he prefers to value his “hut” of knowledge and to perorate on its basis with an unshakable security, regardless of whether reality supports what he says or not.

What does he get then?

Good decisions at times, able to take him a little further in his small and limited interests

(becoming more and more “a glorious conqueror” of his “limited gauntlet of knowledge”).

Or, paradoxically, he gets bad decisions that are sometimes obviously against his good, be it limited.

The exact same man who would turn “to himself” is radically different.

It is not yet done – usually – but:

  • looks into the future with a certain caution, aware of the infinity of the unknown in front of him
  • but they also look with a certain certainty, because it is like the seafarers who bravely crossed the giantism of the oceans having with them something essential – the compass that indicated them, regardless of the waves of the sea and the influences of the wind – the same direction of support.

He also has a compass that is, of course, an inner compass.

This direction of support is essential, because,

〉 although it seems very little,

〉 although sometimes he sees almost nothing,

〉 although sometimes it has no landmark around it,

(even sometimes it seems like everything is mixing up at a terrible pace),

⇒ the wise navigator knows that if he leans on the direction indicated by the compass, he will sooner or later reach his destination.

(or TO identify with the essential Supreme Self or at least with the living soul)


respecting spiritual principles.

Thus, the spiritual navigator can float on terrible waves, which seem to overturn him on all sides like a nutshell,

and, paradoxically, they can’t do him anything wrong.

The same man

may manifest itself abject, miserable, or

can manifest itself noble, elevated

and with the potential to be NO MATTER HOW NOBLE AND ELEVATED.

Something simple and essential makes the difference. This simple thing is the inner compass.

So, whatever we do, it’s good to take our COMPASS to us and (it’s not enough yet, we still need something)

to move forward “holding on to its direction” no matter how strong the waves that tend to disturb us seem to be.



Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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