Relaxation or meditation ?

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Relaxation or meditation ?

What does it mean to be relaxed?

On the one hand it means - to lie down, to rest.
On the other hand, we often say to ourselves "relax", "be more relaxed".
Sometimes we consider relaxation as an important asset of success, other times we consider that a problem of failure was precisely relaxation.

Relaxation can mean alpha brain rhythm - then we are not tense - but neither
or it can mean that we are ourselves, actively connected to our
and that we act effectively and inspired, unlimited by emotions and inner tensions.

For example, a tennis player or an Olympic shooter with a rifle must relax, connecting to their soul, thus being natural and inspired.

It can also mean rest, abandoning attention to the physical body, various subtle bodies or abandoning all bodies, entering a deeply transcendent state.


So relaxation can mean relaxation

  • disconnection of something
    - usually by one or more of the 5 bodies - physical, sensations, thoughts, emotions; it is possible to disconnect so much during complete yogic relaxation that it is no longer possible to reconnect to the body instantly, but in a certain time of reconnection;
  • connection with the truth within us, with the natural, the natural - through the awakening of the soul and identification with the essential Self.

From this perspective we realize that the first variant is good, but the second includes the first one.

Why is that?
Connecting with the truth within us is a richer perspective. Apart from connecting with the unfathomable depths of the human soul, it also contains the active action, in the middle of life.
It is the variant that allows us, being relaxed, to do things better than tense. Strained we would be rigid, acting in templates, uninspired, banal.
It's the way we're creative to the fullest, maybe even paranormal, and superinspirant.

How can we be superinspirated?

By connecting to the source of inspiration that turns out to be the essential human Self.


How can we do this super-relaxation at will?


That is, relaxation is the easier, weaker and empirical variant of Fundamental Meditation.

Let's start meditating!


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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