Five postures in Yoga that help you sleep better!

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yoga sleepIf you suffer from various problems related to sleep, or insomnia, then surely this article will offer you some solutions, which yoga comes to propose to you. There are special asanas that can regulate sleep very well. Practicing them, you will notice a considerable improvement in the quality of sleep during the night, especially for people suffering from insomnia.


1. Legs up leaning against the wall.

It is a yoga posture, which has the role of relaxing the entire body and is also beneficial in detoxification. Sit next to a wall, stretch both legs, and lean against the wall. Leave your arms beside your body with your palms up. Close your eyes and breathe gently through your nose, doing this, the mind will return slightly to the preent moment, also the joints will be less in demand, and the mind and muscles will recur, preparing you for a deep sleep.


2. Put the floss in the needle!

Sit back with your head on the floor, bend your knees by supporting your floor soles. Bring the right knee to the chest, and bend it to the right. After that flex the right leg to the outside, without forcing the knee wrist which is very sensitive. Bring your left knee to your chest, use your hands to rest on the side, and gently push your right leg that is placed over your left knee (as in the photo above), you should feel a slight stretching of your right hip. While breathing you need to try for both of the scales to remain parallel on the ground. After a few minutes, repeat the posture on the opposite side.


3. Balasana or Child Posture

This asana is one of the most beloved postures in yoga, being also very easy to execute. With our knees bent on the ground, we bend our heads forward leaning forward, leaning on our foreheads, and we bring our hands past the body face up. In this asana, the vertebrae relax and the curvature of the spine returns to normal. It is a posture in which, as the name of the asana says, we become children again, feeling innocent again and full of candor.


3. Turning to the side

In the supine lying on your back, bring both knees to your chest. Stretch your left arm up near your head, palm up, then bring your knees slowly to the ground on the opposite side, that is, on the right side, until they touch the floor. Now you can support your right hand on your knees. During this posture, look directly to the ceiling, or to the left side. After a few minutes, repeat the posture on the opposite side.


5. Savasana

Savasana, or the posture of the corpse, is another very well-known asana in yoga. Usually with her ends a session of asanas. Sitting on our backs, with our arms diverging beside the body, with the palms up, and with the legs slightly unfolded, we gradually relax starting from the soles to the top of the head, the attention will be directed to breathing that will become more and more superficial.

Practicing these five postures every evening, you will be able to notice a considerable improvement in the state of relaxation of the body and mind, so that sleep will become much deeper and more restful.






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