Sarmizegetusa Regia, a huge Dacian metropolis?

This statement sounded absolutely incredible a year ago, but today, the hypothesis is taking shape! The latest results of the "aerial archaeology" show that, in fact, the area of extension and habitation of the former Dacian capital far exceeds the sacred area and the area of the Roman fort, the only vestiges dug there by […]

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The spiritual mission of Romania

We invite you to attend a conference - we say - interesting about - the qualities of the Romanian egregor, - certain historical sources less known about the Dacians and - the spiritual mission of the Romanian people, the conference will take place on December 1, 2014, at 12:00. The conference will last about 3 […]

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Competition between bon shamans and Padmasambhava's yogis and establishing yogic teaching as a fundamental method in Tibet

Shamanism is a series of methods in which the practitioner, in altered states of consciousness, comes into contact with certain entities in the subtle plans. A shaman is supposed to be a person who has, by these methods, a certain influence and can obtain certain services from certain beneficial or evil spirits. The shaman enters those altered states of consciousness, usually within a ritual and possibly using methods of generating states

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Hitler's swastika has its origins in the Carpathians!

Many of us today associate the significance of the swastika with that of the fascist and Nazi movement. However, few people know its true meaning, Ever since the most veghi times the swastika has appeared in art and symbols of prehistoric them, as well as in cultures of Asia Europe Africa and America, sometimes as a geometric motif, sometimes as a religious symbol. The swastika represents a holy symbol in hiduism, and in Sanskrit, svastika means any beneficial object or bringer of good luck

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Vishnu's column

The history of India has left behind a fascinating legacy of impressive temples and monuments. One such monument is also Vishnu's Column, which was erected in the courtyard of a temple in Delhi. Vishnu represents a major hypostasis of God in the Hindu religion, he belongs to the trinity (trimurti) together with Brahma (the Creator) and Shiva (the Destroyer), and has the role of maintaining the creation. Vishnu has ten major avatars, meaning divine incarnations, the best known of which are Krishna s

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Hippocratic Oath "reloaded"

All the professions practiced correctly are good and noble, because they are all, in fact, a manifestation of the principle "work is love incarnate", thus enunciated by the Sufi poet Kahlil Gibran.
However, certain professions have a huge potential to generate in the life of the one who practices it a spiritual evolution.
We list here: the profession of doctor, judge, leader - politician and spiritual leader or priest.
These professions also have a great potential to pressure man to decades, due to the dangers for his soul with which the path of practicing that profession is sprinkled.
The risks are therefore commensurate with the chances.

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