The Lucifer Effect

The story of an essential experiment for the human race. This is, in fact, the story of the world in which we live and its understanding might lead us to the conclusion that an inner revolution is necessary, like the Revolution of the Good OM.   It is said that power corrupts. If this were […]

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What is the connection between humanism and Luciferianism?

"We're human, aren't we" we sometimes hear, in order to justify the understanding of human limits, which would be, in the view of those persons, always finite. Or, the authentic spiritual paths and the science of consciousness, Abheda, recognizes the fact that man evolves as consciousness to make the transition of ignorance to Knowledge, from […]

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Why is luciferianism dangerous and deceptive? (includes film)

Because it deftly gives the illusion of progress when, in fact, it blocks your evolution and directs you to ineffective directions. Because Luciferianism is the perspective of life in which we seek fulfillment on the outside, denying the essential, spiritual direction of connection with fulfillment or happiness. For the most terrible slavery is of him […]

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How people are tricked into doing actions that unknowingly bring them into Satanism

Satanism is not about worshipping Satan. And this is what even the "specialists" say (although his adoration is not excluded, if desired, especially for practical reasons, in order to obtain his support for the fulfillment of certain desires).

Satanism means "only" the worship of one's own ego.

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